hats - mismatchedAn email I got today:
Last month I sent you an email about selling your hats through our stores. I think they’d be a great fit.
We work hand in hand with thousands of department stores, specialty shops, large chains, mail-order catalog companies and internet shopping sites. We look for products we think will sell to them, hence my email to you.
If you’re interested in selling your hats to more stores visit us at http://www.WiseRep.com. We guarantee sales.
David Thibos
Director of Merchandising


  1. That’s a classic Bob!
    I’ve a similar story. My company started receiving pamphlets in the mail addressed to Jill, Tom, Samantha. These are not employees but the names of the computerized voices I sell.

  2. OTOH: Waste of who’s time? Not theirs. Didn’t cost them anything to send it. And you read it, and you posted it. So now X + all your readers know about their site, and some tiny % will go to their site and maybe even think about selling a hat.
    One of the JoS guys was selling t-shirts over the holidays–Andrew Brice, maybe? Through a similar vendor. I’m thinking of looking up one of those vendors for a sidebar project. Not interested enough to do anything about it this minute, though.

  3. Bob Walsh Reply

    Karen – Only read because of it’s irony, and only written about because this is these idiots second email to me, with added rude tone.
    Personally, I think we should bring back whipping for spammers – one lash in the public square for their first offense, 10 for their second and shoot the bastards after that: plainly they deserve it. Think of it as Evolution in Action! 🙂

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