jumpstartccWhat do you do when you’ve launched a startup and you want to get some attention on it? If you’re Amy Hoy, who’s made a hell of a good name for herself in the Ruby/Rails community, you and your team put together a killer free ebook that every other startup should read on credit card processing, complete with JavaScript validation code, ruby examples and checklists.
And yes, I really mean you should get this ebook. And considering the quality of information, I bet their startup, freckle time tracking is worth a serious look too.


  1. Did anyone else switch off when they saw the words “Ruby/Rails”?

  2. Bob Walsh Reply

    James, if you’ll feel better, I could have said, Amy Hoy user interface nerd-designer-writer-educator-programmer- photographer-hyphenator extraordinaire. 🙂

  3. One of the hazards of being obsessed with learning, like me, is that the title won’t fit on the busines card 😉
    James, my little jump start guide DOES have specific Ruby examples, however half the pages are applicable for any language because they cover how CC processing works, types of validation, what accounts you need, how to sign up for those accts (sooo much paperwork), and a JavaScript library for CC entry.

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