I surrender!Okay Dan, Gregg, Andy, Ron, Saurabh, Shane, Tom, Brad, Faik and Mike: I surrender! I’ve just applied to join the Association of Shareware Professionals.
When that many people tell you in one day to go see the movie, you go see the movie.
Besides Mike bet me a $100 dinner (the cost of ASP a year) in Boston at the next Software Industry Conference if joining ASP did not generate $1,000 in new startup/microISV consulting business for me between then and now.
Mike’s either very confident, or likes to bet dinners. From all the positive feedback I’ve gotten about ASP, I think the former.
Two aspects worth noting: ASP’s Code of Professional Conduct (= What happens in ASP, stays in ASP) means I won’t be able to report back here specifics of what’s going on there – but I do intend to see if the ASP’s forums live up to their rep – or collect on that dinner. Also, It’s a Good Thing ASP is a BizSpark Partner helping startups who want to Microsoftize. I am too, just to mention.


  1. Would be great to hear about your experience and if you recommend it or not down the line. I have heard about them and would be interesting to find out if you did collect that dinner or not?

  2. Bob Walsh Reply

    As far as the bottom line (consulting revenue) – No.
    As far as meeting some cool people and making connections with them -Yes!

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