Tina Su is an online friend of mine that comes up with these incredibly thoughtful posts on creativity, clarity and happiness. Happiness? What’s that got to do with startups, coding, microISVs and the like? Everything.
Fearful people can’t make things.
Lately, there’s been plenty of fear to go around. I watch the news, talk to my friends, listen to the experts and want to move to another planet.
Tina Su’s latest post talks me down, reminds me FDR was right the last time: we have nothing to fear, but fear itself – and you’d better not underestimate it, buckwheat, because fear will freeze you in your tracks, make you hide under your desk and do stupid things.
So if you – like I – have been getting way too much of our Recommended Daily Dosage of Fear lately, give her post, Overcome Fear in the Economic Crisis a read. I was glad I did.


  1. Bob Walsh Reply

    Sigh. Lots of people have said lots of things: Since I know not that much about economics (a good deal of history, but that’s different, I’ll take the opinion of Paul Krugman (http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/economics/laureates/2008/index.html) re FDR & the Great Depression: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/11/17/paul-krugman-schools-geor_n_144298.html.
    One think I do know from Tina’s parents who lived through the Great Depression & WWII: In their opinion, FDR saved this country, no ifs ands or buts. He gave the country hope and action when it desperately needed it.

  2. Now I have to burn my copy of your Micro-ISV book. I can’t believe someone who advocates small business like you could possibly think Paul Krugman knows anything about anything (Nobel prizes mean nothing – that’s another crazy left-wing elitist club). He’s a shill for crazy liberal economics. At the very least, read a respectable liberal, like Keynes. Better still, Milton Friedman has a few things to say about economics…

  3. Bob Walsh Reply

    Sigh. This is why I try and avoid religion and politics here – and economics is both. Before you unsequester the carbon in your copy of my book, let’s agree in the spirit of the New Year to respectfully disagree.
    It would be so crass of me to point out that what passes (like in passing out hundreds of billions of dollars) for current conservative/republican economics today would make Ayn Rand spin in her grave like a hydroelectric turbine, so I won’t.
    Also something I won’t mention is this new fad in conservative talking points that FDR actually didn’t do anything of note and really prolonged/deepened the Great Depression. This Rove-ian revisionism certainly sounds good to people unacquainted with the history of the country they live in; it does not sit well, not one bit, with people who have relatives who lived through those times.
    By the way, I am pro small business, pro Ayn Rand, just so you know. Please, -e, stop by any time for a bit of mutually respecting conversation. Got to run, it’s time to watch Keith Olberman rip a new one in either Billo the Clown or Rush the Comedian or maybe both! Cheers!

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