Top 100 Blogs for DevelopersThe MicroISV Digest for the week ending December 15th, 2008.
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News and Announcements

  • Peter Štibraný has launched Foglyn, an Eclipse plugin which lets you edit your FogBugz cases within that IDE. (via email) He’s also looking for site feedback. (via BOS)
  • Thomas Holz’s microISV IT-Services has released version 2.05 of Easy2Sync for Outlook. Easy2Sync let’s you sync multiple copies of Outlook without using Microsoft Exchange Server; the new version includes a built-in spam filter. (via email)
  • Keith Alperin of Helium Foot Software has moved Highbrow out of beta to 1.0. Highbrow enables anyone to utilize each installed web browser more effectively on the Mac by eliminating the annoyances that arise from using multiple web browsers. With Highbrow, users will always get the browser that they want. (via email)
  • Dmitry Leskov, Excelsior LLC, has been selling Excelsior JET – a tool for Java programmers who want to accelerate development, protect their codebase and create professional deployments. He wanted readers of the microISV Digest to know that while a standard license costs between $1,200-4,500, Excelsior Jet through their Microbusiness Licensing Program is substantially less through the end of this year. (via email)
  • Not wasting any time, Steve Cholerton has moved DataClean – a cross platform utility for cleaning large amounts of data and writing it out in various formats – to 1.0

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