Jeff Schoolcraft was kind enough to post this morning at The Business of Software Forum that my publisher Apress is doing today a one day ebook sale on my first book, Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality. You can get it here for $10 instead of $20.
Interestingly enough, Jeff using a Twitterbot to track one day ebook sales. Cool! I’m sending Jeff a copy of my brand new ebook, The Twitter Survival Guide, for free to compliment him on his cool use of Twitter, but don’t tell him – I want it to be a surprise!
I think this is a cool idea on Apress’ part, so I’m going to match it. So for the next day or so, you can get my ebook, MicroISV Sites that Sell! for $9.50 instead of $19.00. Just go to the ebook page on 47hats, page down to MicroISV Sites that Sell! section, click Add to Cart, enter the code “onedaysale” and buy it.


  1. IF YouHave(ISV) OR PlanningToStart(ISV) AND NOT HasBook(From_Vision_To_Reality)
    THEN BuyTheDamnBookToday()
    Seriously, if you’re reading this far and you haven’t read this classic book, buy it. I’ve recently gone through a re-read of the book and the material is still bang up to date (although it doesn’t mention the current economc downturn it is as good as if it was published yesterday).
    Highly recommended 5*. I would like to see more books in this niche.

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