My co-author Kristen Nicole and I have just released The Twitter Survival Guide.
Twitter is the fastest way to build connections online, and The Twitter Survival Guide is the fastest way to master making the most of your Twitter experience. Whether you are building an online reputation for yourself, your startup, your company or you just want to stay in touch with your online friends, Twitter is a powerful tool for finding, connecting and sharing with others.
We wrote The Twitter Survival Guide to provide a definitive, timely resource for people who want to get the most value from Twitter and build their personal, microISV or startup online reputation.
In this 90-page ebook, we combine our insights on the deeper dynamics of building online reputations with interviews with 12 influential early adopters and ardent supporters of Twitter, including Guy Kawasaki (Garage Technology Ventures), Steve Rubel (Micro Persuasion), Darren Rowse (, Gary Vaynerchuck (WineLibraryTV) and Marshall Kirkpatrick (ReadWriteWeb).
In The Twitter Survival Guide we start with why you should care and use Twitter, then a bit of Twitter history and myth-debunking, then creating a effective Twitter presence, 11 profiles of the most useful Twitter related applications, clients and web apps, explore the relationship and interaction between traditional blogging and Twitter, suggest 9 strategic ways to use this microblogging service to build reputation and your online network and then get advice and insight from 12 influential early adopters and ardent supporters of Twitter.
The Twitter Survival Guide is on sale at 47hats and at MultiSocialMedia for $24.95 USD via either PayPal or

About MultiSocialMedia

MultiSocialMedia is a site dedicated to the ongoing projects from Bob Walsh and Kristen Nicole. This partnership began with the publishing of The Twitter Survival Guide e-book, and will continue its evolution here on the web. It’s not enough to write a book about online social media–a dedicated website was also in order, because the state of online social media is ever-changing and impossible to capture in just one book. So MultiSocialMedia will be the progressive forum for analysis and discussions surrounding online social media as we know it.
This subscription-based access to articles published on MultiSocialMedia will include a deep look at practical, personal and business use of online social media, harnessing the experience and expertise of others through interviews and guest posts. We will also address the real effects of the Internet’s social climate on the online and offline spaces, as these have a major influence on our culture.
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