Show #4 of the Startup Success Podcast is out.
This week we have an in-depth interview with Microsoft’s Larry Gregory on BizSpark, and I interview Peldi Guilizzoni the founder of Balsamiq Studios and creator of Balsamiq Mockups, a really cool Adobe AIR app that I and other startups have learned to love for mocking up screens. We talk about what’s it like being AIR-centric microISV and an a powerful way of micro-marketing with Twitter.
Here’s the gist on BizSpark:

  • You get development-only licensing for everything from VS Team Studio to Excel for everyone developing in your startup for up to 3 years, and these licenses don’t expire – it’s as if you’d bought each product.
  • You get development and production licenses for up to 3 years for Windows Server, SQL Server, SharePoint and the other Microsoft servers you might want to use to power your web app.
  • You get an MSDN subscription that lets you into the moderated tech support groups and 2 tech support incidents a year.
  • You pay zip until you quit the program, or hit $1 million a year revenue, or the 3 years is up. Then you pay a disconnect fee of $100.
  • Your company has to be privately held, younger than 3 years, and be making less than $1 million year revenue.
  • You get BizSpark from a BizSpark Network Partner (various VCs, angel networks, user/startup groups and others) or from certain Microsoft employees.
  • BizSpark is global: some adjustments in price conditions in some countries.

More details/info in the podcast. And the BizSpark Program Manager Julien Codorniou who’s been very actively answering questions at the Business of Software forum here and here just pointed out to me his blog at:
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Update: Correction! I was wrong re non-server licenses persist: they do not. “After 3 years, if they want to keep receiving the updates and the new versions, They have to pay for a new MSDn subscription, or join empower or any certification program,” Julien Codorniou emailed me.

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