house movingI’m in the process of moving 47hats to a new web host: I can’t afford to wait for Alentus to resolve its problems. Initially I’d plan to move to but there were 3 catches:

  • The feed: While I can list any old feed I want as a link in the sidebar at, there’s no way to control the autodiscovered feed and force it to be my existing feedburner feed. That means I’d end up with two feeds from the same site, a major web analytics pain in the butt.
  • While premium WordPress accounts let you override CSS/use your own, there’s no good documentation of that css structure.
  • Given other things to do, and that the present theme here is pretty good, I just want to move with the least amount of pain possible.

The upshot is I’m moving this domain to GoDaddy. I have been seriously, consistently impressed with their telephone support, their uptime is good, and the price (for a shared host) is good. Also, they are not about to get bought out.
If all goes well, come Monday you should see the weekly MicroISV Digest in your RSS reader or in your web browser and it will be fine: if you don’t email me at bob period walsh at safarisoftware dot com and let me know.

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  1. Bob Walsh Reply

    I *think* the move has worked; if you see something wrong on this site, please let me know at bob dot walsh at 47 hats dot com.

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