ISV Innovation.jpgThe MicroISV Digest for the week ending October 27th, 2008.
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News and Announcements

  • This week, I host Startup 101 – four Microsoft-sponsored webcasts starting October 28th at 9 a.m. PDT. These live webcasts are free, start at 9 am PDT, are hour long and definitely will be fielding questions posed by webcast attendees. The webcasts are sponsored by Microsoft’s ISV Innovation (but I control the content and chose the guests :)) Here’s the lineup:
    • TuesdayGene Landy, Chair of the Technology Business Group of Boston-based IT law firm Ruberto Israel & Weiner, P.C. and I will be talking about some of the key legal topics of getting a startup off the ground. A few questions we will dig into are: If I develop software while working for someone else, can they claim they own it? What basics of Intellectual Property law do I need to know? What are the tradeoffs of LLCs vs. S Corp vs. Corp?
    • WednesdayMairtini NiDhomhnaill, Senior Vice President for the consulting firm Accretive Solutions and I will be discussing the basic financial and accounting knowledge every microISV and startup needs. Accretive Solutions has provided accounting, financial and other consulting services to over 500 startups.
    • Thursday – Join Jennifer Van Grove, community and social media consultant and I as we explore what startups and microISVs need to know about blogging, micro-blogging, community building and community management. If you don’t have a online social networking strategy, you will not want to miss this webcast!
    • FridayTwo founders -Mark Morrison, CEO and Ian Clemens, CTO – of IDV Solutions, an enterprise software company that began as a microISV and has grown to 45 employees in just 4 years, discuss the ins and outs of selling business to business.
  • Marius Mailat from SubmitSuite is offering a free SEO audit to the first 5 attendees of this year’s European Software Conference ( Nov. 8-9, Berlin) who sign up here (ESWC is the code to use).
  • Dave Collins, founder of Shareware Promotions – a leading AdWords consulting firm – is offering free 15 minute Google AdWords Consultations to attendees of this year’s European Software Conference ( Nov. 8-9, Berlin) who sign up here. Dave is truly an expert at AdWords – if your attending ESWC, you should definitely sign up.
  • Show #2 of the Startup Success Podcast is up: you can find it here or subscribe via Apple iTunes here.
  • Larry Kubin wants to review your microISV product, for free. Larry runs Sephira Software out of Austin, Texas with his partner Joshua Carnett. According to this BOS post, these reviews will become posts at blog Larry is starting.
  • Mark Gladding would like you stop by to give his server a bit more load. eBooks Just Published will soon be an excellent source of info on new ebooks.

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