SSPLogo3.jpgPatrick Foley (Microsoft ISV Architect Evangelist) and I have launched The Startup Success Podcast. Here’s our first episode.
The game has changed for microISVs and startups. It’s not just the credit crunch/recession in the U.S. and Europe, or the ever-growing number of platforms, frameworks and languages you can develop a web or desktop app in, or the wild growth of a postindustrial new sector of the global economy – the Startup Sector. It’s all these things and more.
Here’s our goal:
The mission of The Startup Success Podcast is simple: make microISVs, startups, Mac indies and everyone perusing the dream, challenge and reality of starting their own software company more successful.
Each week, we hope to bring you about 20 minutes of valuable information on the business, technical and social developments, tools and trends that will give you an assist in your startup.
Some of you may remember The MicroISV Show I co-hosted with Michael Lehman that ended a year ago. The Startup Success Podcast is going to be bigger, better and independent of the rules and dictates of Microsoft. I’ve teamed up with Patrick, and yes, he works for Microsoft as an ISV evangelist, because between our two very different viewpoints I think we can provide you with the best information possible whatever you develop in.
In the weeks and months ahead, I hope The Startup Success Podcast becomes a valuable and timely ally in your efforts to build your startup or microISV. Got a suggestion, something to share with the community, someone you want us to go interview?
Let us know!
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