ISV Innovation.jpgIf you want to know more about the legal, financial, business and online social aspects of launching and running a startup or microISV, block off the 9 a.m. hour (California time) October 28-31: Microsoft is sponsoring a free 4 part webcast hosted and produced by me, for you.
These 60 minute webcasts will be 40 minutes or so of discussion with leading experts in IT/startup law, business accounting, enterprise marketing and creating online product conversations, and then 20 minutes of question and answer. Got questions? Send them to me! (
The webcasts are sponsored by Microsoft’s ISV Innovation Partner Program; you’ll find more info at:

Our kickoff webcast is with IT attorney and author Gene Landy. Besides fielding your questions, Gene and I will dig into how to safely from a legal perspective develop software when you’re working for someone else, the basics of Intellectual Property protection, why you want to be an LLC and more. I’ll be announcing between then and now our other guests as they confirm.
Lastly, a quick FAQ:
Q. What do these webcasts cost?
Zip. They’re free.
Q. Who’s in charge of the content – you or Microsoft?
Me, and my expert guests.
Q. Why are you doing this?
Because seldom do we as microISVs and startups get the opportunity to get information and ask questions of real experts.
Q. Are you getting paid to organize and produce these webcasts by Microsoft?
Yes! It was my idea which I’m happy to say was enthusiastically adopted by the ISV Innovation people.
Q. So I have to use a Windows PC to see this webcast, right?
Wrong, although unsurprisingly, that’s the easiest way to do it. I just brought up on my MacBook Pro (OS X 10.5.5) Safari (3.1.2) on the LiveMeeting Test page – no problem. However, could not get LiveMeeting running on FireFox (3.0.3).
Q. Where do I send those questions again?


  1. Nice! Can’t wait to watch them, if it’s has good as your book, it’s going to be interesting!
    But why, why, why is it in LiveMeeting??!!! Why not a simple Flash/Silverlight movies?
    I am a windows user and a Microsoft fan, but I just don’t understand why Microsoft is forcing the community to watch this in LiveMeeting. Just the fact that I have to register a different account than Windows Live made me giveup watching the videos.

  2. Bob Walsh Reply

    I definitely agree with you re Silverlight – I finally! saw TaeKwonDo during the Olympics via the Silverlight player NBC put online – and sat through a few commercials I would have zapped instead on television (anguishing advertisers, take note).
    Keep in mind though Microsoft bought PlaceWhere back in ’03 which became LiveMeeting: they have a substantial investment in that technology.
    BTW, a Silverlight “mini-LiveMeeting” seems to me to be a great starting point for a startup…

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