As you probably heard, Gavin Bowman is moving on to bigger and better things and I’ve taken over stewardship of the Micro ISV Digest. For now, very little is going to change, except the space between micro and ISV. If you’re announcing the public debut of a microISV, startup or have other news to share, please email me at with the word digest in the subject.

News and Announcements

  • Scott Karstetter launched a blog, Smart Productivity, supporting his microISV’s product, Smart To-Do List.
  • Joe Ferguson is looking for feedback on WebLight, via BOS.
  • A.Sa6ry is looking for feedback on xNeat windows manager, via BOS.
  • Nominations for the European Shareware Conference’s 2008 Epsilon Award for software excellence close Sept. 4th. The prize is 300 euros + trophy. via BOS. Having attended 2007 and 2006, I strongly recommend this conference (Nov. 8-9, Berlin).

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  1. Bob Walsh Reply

    Thanks Brian for the correction – That’s what 12 hrs of attempting to work with ajax inline editing plugins in rails will do to you.

  2. Thanks, for taking this on Bob. It’s definitely a valuable resource for those of us stretched for time 😉
    If I read nothing else on Planet MicroISV for a week I’ll always skim over the Digest.

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