iStock_000003718026XSmall.jpgFor the past three years Gavin Bowman has been keeping the microISV community informed and motivated with his weekly Micro ISV Digest. Sadly (for us) Gavin has decided it is time to pass the torch as he leaves V4 Solutions to focus on Antair full time and a new blog.
With Gavin’s blessing and support, I’ll be taking over producing the Micro ISV Digest.
My goal as the new hand behind the Micro ISV Digest is simple: continue to give microISVs a post on Mondays that will catch them up with the news that matters in our world, offer up a few really worthwhile links for them to read and once in a while dig up a really good find.
Please send any and all pings, posts, pr’s, suggestions and complaints to me at If you include the word “digest” in the subject, it will help.
Speaking of help, I need your help: please post a comment here with your suggestion for how we can all improve on the great job Gavin’s been doing.


  1. Bob Walsh Reply

    Memo to self – Proofread first, post second. Sheesh!

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