Busy week, but here’s a few things that I squirreled away you might like to finish your Friday with:
Tim Haughton is having entirely too much fun with SSH, posting 3 Things You Didn’t Know About SSH – Part 1. This post is how you can use SSH to tunnel your web traffic to your server; just the thing to get past your boss’s “no facebook here” policy.
Let’s talk about money – other people’s money. If you’re contemplating seeking VC money, you need to get familiar with how much blood equity you are going to have to fork over. One good place for this is The Funded, which back in January started posting the term sheets of VCs. Interesting reading.
Of related interest, Y Combinator did the startup community a huge favor by having its lawyers draft all the documents a startup needs for initial round of financing. Unfortunately, seems there’s a problem with those docs and Y Combinator took them down again. Let’s hope for the early return.
Speaking of Y Combinator, Kevin Leneway is up to #19 in his Y Combinator Challenge – post an idea for a startup or microISV a day. Kevin – Who creates tols for Microsoft’s Developer and Platform Evangelism group – has some interesting ideas. Good reading if you’ve not decided what app you want to create.

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