makeingnews.jpgWell, I guess for me. I’m writing as of today for CNET’s Webware after quitting my previous blogging gig. Webware is all about web applications and CNET – which is owned by CBS now by the way – is all about the web apps that are changing how people live and work online.
If you’re a microISV or startup with a good story to tell and starved for some major media attention, I’m all ears: And if you’re wondering does this mean I think the days of desktop apps are over – nope, but the days of desktop apps ignoring the 1 billion people on the net are.


  1. Of course, one of the great things about microISV’s is they can target a niche that is way too small for larger companies to go after, and be very successful (on their terms) at it. Not sure if it’s funny or sad that being a desktop app might be considered a small niche in a good number of product domains…

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