Here’s a few things on the web that caught my attention recently you may find interesting:
Keith Alperin of Helium Foot Software posted his second podcast episode in his series, Mac Software Business, Year One. He and Scotty Scott, Kevin Hoctor and Gus Mueller kick around Mac specific issues and general topics like licensing, PayPal as your credit card processor with more than a little help from e-Junkie, where to find good web site designs and more. I missed episode 1; looking forward to #3. Good listening!
Speaking of listening, Mark Gladding Text2Go reached 3.0 today. Text2Go converts text to near-human quality speech with one click; 3.0 adds powerful community driven features to differentiate from competitors and deliver a better customer experience. Sheesh! I’ve been hanging around Microsofties too much, I’m beginning to speak their lingo.
Speaking of Microsoft, Kevin Merritt, CEO of web startup Blist has some advice for the 900 pound gorilla: instead of beating your chest and trying to grab Yahoo, start funding startups the way Google is rumored to be planning. Details here.
Gold discovered at One Infinite Loop, or at least in the iPhone App store for some microISVs. John Casasanta names names and tells numbers about their microISV’s iPhone products. In my opinion, the world is divided into two parts: those who own iPhones and those who will. While Apple has caught some flack about MobileMe, the $999 do-nothing app and the kill-switch, it’s laughing all the way to the bank. Maybe you should think about going along for that ride?
And last but not least, Peldi Guilizzoni of Balsamiq gives back to the community some excellent Startup Marketing Advice. Peldi has been on a tear with Balsamiq Studio, posting $10K in revenue in the first 6 weeks. Want to know how? Read this post.

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