gI_0_0_bnrlogo1.jpgJust to let you know, I will be teaching in Atlanta, GA a three day class in early October: The MicroISV/Startup Bootcamp.
When Aaron Hillegass – one of the most respected Mac instructors and authors out there – asked me if I’d be interested in teaching at the Big Nerd Ranch 20 or so developers how to break out of their cubicles and go commercial, I gave it some serious thought. Sure, I consult, blog, write about all of the stuff around your core developer skills you need to get right to get launched, but can I do the instructor thing?
I can, but this is not going to be the typical lecture/code exercise kind of class. The goal isn’t mastering the theory and APIs of being in the software business, it’s going to be drafting your Master Business Plan.
Now I could have called it a business plan and have done with it but I don’t want you to confuse it with those fantasy fiction jobs written for venture capitalists and the 3Fs of angel investing: Family, Friends and Fools. This business plan is different; no 5 year revenue projections, no glowing tributes to your management team. This is going to be your realistic plan to accomplish a real thing: Kiss your boss goodbye kind of revenue within 6 months of launching, and how you are going to get there.
You see, while a good business plan in hindsight makes success look easily, it’s really all the good decisions you make writing that business plan that gets the job done. Everything from what you care about enough to live with for months if not years to what app you’re going to structure, build and position so that others – called customers – care enough to open up their wallets.
We’re going to be covering a lot of the specific topics you need to wrestle with – 36 by my count. But we’re going to be covering them from the perspective of building chunk by chunk the set of decisions that define your microISV/startup.
This is not going to be a class where the instructor drones on hour after hour and you wonder what possessed you to spend 3 days and nineteen hundred bucks. There will be some lecture, sure, but most of the time is going towards working – by your self and with other students to define your Master Business Plan.
And since in this class you are going to be talking about the business you want to create or already run, I’m going to be requiring Nondisclosure Agreements and trying very hard to ensure there’s as little market overlap between students as possible.
It will be intense. I hope it will be fun. And I am damn well going to make sure it’s worth your time and money.
I’m looking forward to it. How about you?

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