[Note – I was rummaging around my old posts here and found this one – true May 25, ’07, true now.]
As some of you know, I’m now using a MacBook Pro running Windows Vista as my main non-Windows development box and as such, I’m accessorizing it with various Mac apps. One productivity app I really miss – Direct Access by Nagarsoft – does text expansion – type “yr”, hit F12 and your email signature appears. One app for the Mac that caught my attention on Lifehacker.com’s feed that does this sort of thing is Textexpander by SmileOnMyMac.
What really got my attention is how Textexpander’s trial period works – this from the Lifehacker.com post:
“When I hit one hour of time saved, TextExpander popped up, prompting me to register. One hour of my life is well worth the $30 license fee, so I went ahead and purchased it even though TextExpander works fully without a key.”

What a great idea! I would bet SmileOnMyMac conversion rate is insanely good.
[Update – SmileOnMyMac has updated Textexpander more times than I can count and I still use it every day.]


  1. Thing is though, there is a slightly different mindset on the Mac, at least traditionally, than on Windows. This kind of thing worked a treat prior to 1996 on Windows/DOS and was a common method. However A/B testing done then (and subsequently) has shown higher sales through enforcement of trials than of a pleasant reminder and nothing else. In fact. taking a time machine ride back to pre 1996 there were serial programs (in particular) that were libraries for common programs that used this technique. Yep – folks would use a stolen serial number just to stop the gentle reminder from the BlueWAVE Mail Reader or PKZip etc.

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  3. We are maker or a similar Autotext and text expander utility PhraseExpress and offer it free for personal users with no strings attached. Only if commercial phrases such as “thank you for your order” are used with PhraseExpress then it will popup a reminder to purchase a license for commercial use.
    Don’t know whether other methods would be better but we believe that it is a fair deal.

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