Bought the ebook
Update: The sale ended a few minutes ago, and I plan to post about it tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who purchased today! If you are still catching up with your RSS feed, or your day in general, I’m offering a “Second Chance” discount code for the next day or so. Just enter “secondchance” when purchasing via PayPal and save five dollars.
My one day sale on MicroISV Sites that Sell! started at 12:01 a.m ET today, and already I’ve had 4 6 9 sales. If you’ve been considering purchasing MicroISV Sites that Sell, today is a great day for it: the price is reduced from $19 USD to $10.
Not convinced? Have a read of this review by Patrick McKenzie, creator of Bingo Card Creator fame:

…the upshot is, as a reader, you have an opportunity to grab this for a fraction of its value to you. I’d highly suggest it. (I hear it is also going to be featured on Bits Du Jour soon, probably for a steep discount. Have I mentioned that I think the price is far too low as it is?)

Just a reminder: Tomorrow, the price goes back up to at least $19… 🙂

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