January 1st is easily my favorite day of the year. It’s the one day out of 365 when you can legitimately forgive yourself of all sins of omission and commission, turn over a new fresh page in the story of your life and resolve to do and be better than you were last year.
For me, I get the rest of the day to spend thinking about what I did and didn’t get done in 2007, and why, and what I want to accomplish/change/improve in the rest of 2008. Professionally, I know that Project X, this blog, a series of monthly ebooks for microISVs and a new microISV podcast are going to be the big projects that will get my time: how about you?
New Year’s resolutions are easy to make, hard to keep. That’s why I’m happy I came across a free, very nicely done, no-hype, ebook by a guy named Dave Navarro (not the googlecrossed musician or porn star), a “results management” coach. I think one of Dave’s points – you can manage results [a variable], you can’t manage time [a constant] – is a good one.
“How To Turn Your 24 Hour Day Into a 30 Hour Day” is about a 30 minute read with some excellent ideas on how to get more results out of your time. What’s nice is it dovetails well with my main productivity framework, Getting Things Done. Other than links in the header and footer to where Dave sells his $147 program, there’s no hype or sell – just some good ideas. Give it a read: you might find yourself inspired as you peer into the new year ahead. (yes, you need to provide your email – I’ve only gotten one email from Dave so far. If he gets out of hand, well that’s what spam filters are for! :))


  1. Thanks, but no thanks — some crap that you only get (and I don’t even know if you _do_…) if you provide email he’ll spam from now on.

  2. bobw Reply

    While there is that chance FooBar, I think the reward – good actionable ideas – in this one case was worth it. Time will tell.

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