By Bob Walsh
Managing Partner,
As of today, becomes – my new consulting firm helping microISVs succeed. Ever since writing my first book, Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality, I’ve been working informally with a number of microISVs – helping them find their markets, define their unique selling propositions, improve their blogging and find ways to wear all the hats they need to prosper.
I’ve been having a great time! I really enjoy helping developers who yearn to be their own boss, start their own businesses, find their own place to stand in the world to make a difference. So I’ve decided to focus a large part of my efforts on just that by offering a range of services and products for microISVs.
Expect in the next month to see a lot more posts here at (I hope you like the new layout and logo – I’ll be posting here about both and the lessons learned soon), my first in a series of ebooks picking up where my Apress books left off and other tools and services designed to make your microISV successful.
Be seeing you!
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  2. Thomas Rushton Reply

    Hi Bob
    Thought things had been a bit quieter than usual from you — and now we know why!
    Good luck with it.

  3. bobw Reply

    Ken, Thomas – thanks for the encouragement – it’s a bit like bungee jumping – you know it will work out, but it’s a long way down!

  4. After hearing about the importance of brands, capitalizing on search engine terms and so forth, I’m very curious as to why you made the switch. The phrase “microISV” does have some meaning to a lot of Microsoft developers whereas the connection between 47hats and small businesses that specialize in software development, is not as obvious. Maybe a topic for a future blog post?

  5. Bob,
    I think this is excellent. I’ll be interested to see what services you plan to offer. I swear that not 10 minutes ago, I was thinking that there was a dearth of marketing services specifically targeted at microISV’s.

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  7. Bob,
    Congratulations on what I think will be a great success for you. I don’t see anyone else in this space for Micro-ISV’s, especially not anyone with a reputation and name recognition in the community like yours. I’m looking forward to seeing your services/prices. I’m one of those paranoid developers who is too proprietary to seek feedback on BOS, although I love the forum.
    Todd Arendt

  8. I was on the phone when you called, so I’m sorry I couldn’t talk but congrats on your new venture! I’ll be interested in tracking the progress and seeing what comes of it. Maybe you could sell your services to Whole Foods on do’s and don’ts of CEO blogging (though I know it was a chat board and not a blog but you get the idea ;->)
    All my best to Tina and Los Gatos,
    Les S.

  9. Just as a data point… I had to Google “ISV” to figure out what it meant. Given that I *AM* one, that’s probably good you switched brands. Might be worth throwing a tagline under then name “Helping Independent Software Vendors Succeed”.

  10. Hi Bob,
    Congratulations and good luck! I’ve really appreciated all the advice and encouragement you’ve given me.
    I like the name and logo. When it comes to offering consulting services, reputation and referrals are infinitely more important than a domain name optimized for search.

  11. Bob, congrats! Just back from Belize and it’s cool to see the new logo we developed up and running. I can’t wait to read more about your perspective on the logo development.

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