Yes, that Marc Andreessen, the cofounder of Netscape, now has started a blog ( you’re going to want to track. For instance, Marc has started a few days ago a multipost series on what VC funded startups really like (part one and part two), wrapped up a three parter on the lowdown on VCs a couple of weeks ago and promises a post soon, “Top 10 ways to do personal outsourcing”.
Now just why should you devote some of your (hopefully) limited blog browsing time to this Marc guy who made his rep (and the cover of Time) way back in the last decade?

My specific experience is from three companies I have co-founded: Netscape, sold to America Online in 1998 for $4.2 billion; Opsware (formerly Loudcloud), a public software company with an approximately $1 billion market cap; and now Ning, a new, private consumer Internet company.

That’s why.
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  1. Your Reader Reply

    The tag-line on your site is “A blog+resources site by, for and of Micro-Internet Software Vendors.”
    There’s a lot of good information on your site, but urging micro ISVs to spend their time reading stuff that is so far out of the realm of micro is way off-focus. This is not just a matter of degrees of success, as you imply. It’s a completely different business model and philosophy.
    A couple days ago you told us we don’t need to vend software to be a micro independent software vendor. Now it turns out that we shouldn’t be micro or independent. What’s going on here?

  2. bobw Reply

    In this post’s case, it’s seeing how the other half live – specifically VC-funded startups. I think many microISVs sometimes wish they’d gone the VC funded route and Marc’s posts should give them a much better understanding of what that’s really like.
    As microISV’s not just being about software products, absolutely! Whatever the differences between say selling a Windows/Mac desktop app and say your band’s music dvds is outweighed by the similarities of the issues/challenges/opportunities they both face because microISV as an economic model is possible today.

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