Next week – after I’ve had a chance to mull over what I saw and head at Mix07 and a chance to either repave my Sony laptop or use it for target practice ala the late Hunter Thompson – I’ll have a good deal to say about micro-ISVs, Microsoft and the Weekly Site Review.

In the meantime, anyone have an argument against getting a MacBook Pro now and running Vista on it?


  1. Apple generally makes big product announcements two times a year– in January at Macworld and in the summer sometime at the WWDC. At these events they tend to introduce new models and new product lines.
    Simple refreshes and speed bumps they just do silently.
    The MacBook and MacBook Pro have been on the market for a longer than typical time for Apple. Apple just placed an order for 500 million flash chips from Samsung to be delivered between now and the end of the year. The iPhone and iPod are not enough to account for 500 million 4GB chips. Intel has announced the Santa Rosa platform which will support flash booting and keeping the OS in flash to save on drive usage, and boost battery longetivity. Intel is shipping the Santa Rosa platfrom in May- this month. Apple last week announced that sometime this year they would release laptops with LED lit displays instead of CFL.
    The WWDC keynote is June 11th.
    I think Apple will announce a new laptop on that day.
    My Mac is 4 years old, I want a MacBook Pro, but I’m waiting for June.

  2. Dmitry Sumin Reply

    I have just returned my MBP back to Apple store.
    Bought it as a replacement for a Thinkpad and planned to dual boot between Windows and Mac OS.
    There was only one problem with running Windows — the notebook just got hot.
    The left side of its wrist rest area was getting uncomfortably hot even when Vista was idling at 3% CPU usage.

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