I was checking my Google blog radar this morning when I came across an absolute gem of a read: Ian Lurie’s Common Sense Internet Strategies at his blog, Conversation Marketing. Ian’s an experienced Internet marketing consultant whose book (available free online or for $19.95 as a book) is one of the absolute best things I’ve ever read on how to permission-based, customer-centric online marketing can really work.

Ian’s approach – Conversation Marketing – is built on six basic ideas:

  • Know the Room. Understand your audience. Base your campaign on that understanding.
  • Dress Appropriately. Use the right design. Not the ‘cool’ one.
  • Sound Smart. Good content, smart architecture, and good code speak to your visitors.
  • Make a Connection. Opt-in e-mail, RSS and other tools continue the conversation.
  • Observe & Adjust. Analytics provide feedback and guidance for ongoing campaign adjustments.
  • Brag Modestly. Someone else should say how important you are

I strongly recommend, commend and suggest you give this a read. And I would not be surprised if you engaged Ian if your sales did not soar through the roof too.

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