In all the years I’ve been doing tech, I’ve been to exactly 1 Microsoft event (the intro of Microsoft Access) and that was in San Francisco. Next month, I’m going to Microsoft in Seattle for an event, entitled: “Office Live Review for Micro ISVs” on May 21, 2007 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. I’m paying my own way, flying (something I really don’t enjoy anymore), because something is going on with Office Live.
I’d not looked at Office Live until Michael brought it to my attention. I thought it was either Windows Live, or some sort of hamstrung online Office MS was testing in New Zealand or somesuch.
I was wrong.
There are some really interesting possibilities for micro-ISVs re Office Live.
I -think- what they’ve done whether they realize it or not is built a customizable generic online business platform for any micro-ISV, with some really interesting capabilities if you are doing a .NET (winforms or WPF) app.
I’m still digging into it, but after watching this video, I definitely want more information, face to face: .
Oh, and there’s another from a company called LiveOffice (no apparent connection to Microsoft, thanks Evan!) that with a service that micro-ISV’s can use that came to my attention today thanks to Chris Pirillo – free conference calls with up to 250 people dialing in (not a toll free number, but they offer that too):
Chris and Ponzi did a good job of explaining how the teleconferencing thing at: (I know, hot wife video? – Chris named it the video, not me!).
Update: Michael Lehman has posted a writeup about the event at his blog: I especially like the sentence “Do you want to create an additional stream of income with a low technical barrier of entry?”
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  1. I don’t follow the MS product line, so I may just be confused. Isn’t that teleconference thing from a different company called LiveOffice and not part of MS’s Office Live?

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