Simply put, so I get emails like this:

Hey Bob!
Thanks for all your great input. I’ve considered your excellent input and have spend the past couple of weeks concentrating on giving a better user experience:

The results? Amazing!

– FreeHouse was up running for 3 months and resulted in 34 Ads

– Share-House has been up for 3 days and has 36 Ads

That’s 36 ads in 3 days!

Once again – Your advice has been incredible!

Alfie John

PS: If you want to do a bit of a plug on your show, I’m having a Linkback Contest 🙂

If you would like to have your micro-ISV site considered for the Weekly Site Review, please email me at


  1. Hi Everyone!
    I would definately take the plunge at volunteering for a review. It is incredible at how you get comfortable with your own designs, habits, usability and are completely unaware of the most obvious pitfalls until somebody points them out.
    You can definitely learn from the experience and gain better insight about yourself.

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