As I mentioned here, after listening last week to Dan Appleman talk on .NET Rocks! about the custom Google search he’s created for .NET programmers (the search is; also see this post and this post), I’ve decided this is a tool worth putting some serious time into and making available here.
Spurred on by the creation of another custom Google Search in the last day or two (, I’ve created and will be maintaining/improving the Micro-ISV Custom Google Search. I’ve already added it to the sidebar here:

If you haven’t heard the buzz about Custom Google Search, it’s a way of creating a search of specified sites and blogs you think have quality information about the subject your micro-ISV is concerned with. I foresee this being a great tool for micro-ISVs: build a custom search about the problem your product/service solves, publicize it, maintain and improve it and help (and attract) your prospective customers.
My goal for Micro-ISV Custom Google Search is to make it the best possible search engine for micro-ISVs who want and need non-coding information about all the many facets of starting and successfully running their Internet-based self funded startup.
I could use your help.
What web sites, blogs and online publications do you turn to for micro-ISV information? Please comment them here and after I vet them, I will be adding them to the Micro-ISV Custom Google Search.
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