I just happened across this Google Video of a talk by Seth Godin at Google a moment ago: if you want to really grok what marketing is really all about, watch this video of Seth:
Anyone else know of other Google/YouTube videos micro-ISVs should watch instead of reruns of Stargate?

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  1. Thanks Bob for pointing out this video. Everybody – if you have not seen this – watch it NOW! Then, go back to what you are doing with a renewed understanding that you are a marketer, even though you may be a “marketer that codes” as Seth says.

  2. Bob, thanks for the heads up about this video, as someone seriously challenged in the marketing department I found it fascinating viewing and hopefully I’ve learned a thing or two, ironically I purchased the book just days before you put this link up.
    I did a little search on Google videos and came across the X10 seminar series which covers a variety of marketing related bits and I’m enjoying them so hopefully your readers would also.
    Of particular note is Perry Marshall on Google Adwords, much of the great stuff I learnt from Dave Collins at the European Shareware Conference last year is also covered by Perry – with out quite so much of the web log analysis obsession :-), so for those who haven’t been fortunate enough to hear one of Dave’s talks then check out Perry’s video (but also make sure to catch one of Dave’s talks!).

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