Google has started releasing stats on the number of times its Gadgets get rendered in a week, and the numbers are pretty incredible: 27 million plus for daily horoscopes, down to 11 thousand for Oracle search.

Still in all, what this suggests to me is that widgets/gadgets in all makes and models are more than just eye candy and trivial programming examples: anything that can get these kinds of pageviews is worth noting.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of a single example of a micro-ISV creating a Google Gadget, and I think that’s tragic. An even halfway interesting Gadget could drive one hell of a lot of traffic towards the micro-ISV who comes up with it.

How about it? Anyone out there using Google Widgets or some such as way of getting more eyes on your micro-ISV?

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Adam S. – Santa Cruz, CA
Gadget pageviews* per week: 27,382,841.
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