by Bob Walsh
Unless you happen to be planning photo album micro-ISV (hint: don’t), you probably have a real shortage of clean, professional images ready to drop onto your web site. These images break up the text, make your site more attractive and the right image can really drive your marketing message home.
But where do you find the right image?
Since I mentioned them in Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality, iStockPhoto has been coming on strong. With 1.4 million images, in four languages, and now videos, this is royality-free stock photography site has a lot to offer graphically challenged micro-ISVs.
Like the price: in the sizes most useful for web sites, iStockPhoto’s images cost one or two dollars each. Period – no nasty royalty fees, set up fees or the rest. That is dirt cheap.
In fact, some images might even be free: if you sign up for their email newsletter, you can pick up some really nice images, like below.

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