I guess we’re on a roll here! The second podcast Michael Lehman and I have done is now up at Channel 9.
This week’s The MicroISV Show has the authors of Windows Developer Power Tools (O’Reilly, Dec. ‘06) James Avery and Jim Holmes discussing with Michael and I which free dev tools a micro-ISV should definitely have, how to manage all these tools, what you should do if you want to get into this market and more.
If you’ve not ordered your copy of Windows Developer Power Tools, I strongly recommend you do – this is tool covers 170 plus free ways of improving and modernizing your micro-ISV development process. Here’s just the chapter headings – each chapter then has a dozen or so tools covered:

  1. Building ASP.NET applications
  2. Working with Windows Forms
  3. Developing in .NET 3.0
  4. Working with Code Libraries
  5. Generating Code
  6. Writing Code
  7. Creating Documentation
  8. Enhancing Visual Studio
  9. Analyzing Your Code
  10. Testing your Software
  11. Working with Source-Control Systems
  12. Building, Using Continuous Integration on, and Deploying your Applications
  13. Boosting Team Collaboration
  14. Tracking Bugs, Changes and other Issues
  15. Troubleshooting and Debugging
  16. Using Decompilers and Obfuscators
  17. Tightening Up your Security
  18. Building Your Application on Frameworks
  19. Working with XML
  20. Interacting with Databases
  21. Exporting Object/Relational Mapping
  22. Enhancing Web Development
  23. Boosting Productivity wiht Windows Utilities.

James and Jim are building out a companion site – http://www.windevpowertools.com/default.aspx – where you’ll be able to download, rate and discuss these and future tools. It was really fun being able to interview these guys – the developer community as a whole owes these guys a big debt for their work.
You’ll find the podcast, as always, at The MicroISV Show.

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