If you are sick and tired of hearing me going on about why and how micro-ISVs should blog, please accept my apologies in advance. But if you’re blogging (and you should be!) about your micro-ISV, the free sample chapter from my new book, Clear Blogging, Apress just put up stands on it’s own as a useful resource for you. You’ll find it on the book’s page at the Apress site (direct link to .pdf here).
Chapter 9: Successful Blogging covers:

  • Ways of finding things to post on (creating “beats”, using Google as your Blog Radar).
  • Structuring your blog (theming your blog, maintaining a story list, accessorizing longer posts, 22 ideas that will make or break your blog).
  • Tools and methods for improving your writing (handy bookmarklets, WhiteSmoke, How to write a compelling post by B.L. Ochman, How to write a blog post, by Seth Godin).
  • The ins and outs of Technorati tagging (covered elsewhere in Clear Blogging in much, much more detail, including an interview with Technorati CEO David Sifry).
  • Socializing your blog (Digg, Reddit and Sociable).

I hope you’ll find this free chapter (and the book 🙂 ) useful, informative and above all else information you can take action with. Enjoy!
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