Tim Sneath is a Microsoft Vista Technical Evangelist doing yeoman duty blogging about WPF apps he’s been working with pre-Vista launch:

For the last few years, I’ve been spending much of my time working with a small selection of customers and partners who have participated in our early adopter programs. As a celebration of the general availability of Windows Vista, for the next few weeks, I’m going to try to highlight as many of those applications as I can with a new daily series of posts. Every application I’ll highlight is written using Windows Presentation Foundation, and the majority of them are in production now, with many of them being available to download. [my emphasis] You’ll have come across a few, I’m sure, but many are new and some (I hope) will surprise and impress you.

Have a visit to his blog, and skip the words for just a minute and concentrate on the screenshots. These are drop dead gorgeous interfaces:
Now tell me: would your micro-ISV customers rather see WPF interfaces or old fuddy underpowered old-style, I don’t need to change what I’ve been doing, interfaces?

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