Well, at least a little tiny part of it – I’ve teamed up with Michael Lehman (Microsoft’s MicroISV/Shareware Evangelist) to co-host The MicroISV Show.

This week at The MicroISV Show we have Joel Spolsky of Joel on Software, FogBugz, Copilot 2.0 and Fog Creek Software fame on the show.

Joel was kind enough to share his insights on how micro-ISV’s should work with Open Source projects, why you can stop worrying about your product being copied and why desktop apps are dead, among other topics.


Coming from (and being proud of it) a news reporting background, it’s my intention to help make this show a marketing B.S.-free zone where micro-ISVs can come, spend about 30 minutes and leave with some really valuable information they can’t get anywhere else.

Incidently, if you think I’ve sold out to The Evil Empire or The MicroISV Show is going to be a shill for Microsoft, or is going to stick with nice safe dull stuff, the answer is not just no, but no fracking way. I just thought I’d make that clear.

Michael and I are looking for micro-ISVs, vendors, gurus and evil geniuses to interview who have genuine non-marketing b.s. info of value to share with micro-ISVs. Please email me suggestions, criticism and suggested interviewees at bobw@safarisoftware.com .

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  1. Nice work, Bob. And I thought The MicroISV Show was dead! I was only looking at Channel9 this afternoon to see if there were new episodes.
    Great first guest for you too! Congrats.

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