I just noticed that Pamela Slim, Escape from Cubicle Nation, has teamed up with StartupNation.com to offer a three month weekly course: “10 Steps to starting a Business.” Pamela, besides being a really excellent blogger every exploited cube rat programmer should read, also runs a consulting firm (Ganas Consulting) helping people start break out of the corporate matrix and start their own business. From Pam’s post and the course description, this sounds like just the thing for micro-ISVs who feel overwhelmed by the business side of things.
All too often seminars will get you all hyped up but when it comes time for follow up, there is none. This course has a mix of weekly group coaching sessions, a private online forum, and then 1:1 sessions with Pam and John Jansch of Duct Tape Marketing who’s also coaching on the topics of Branding, Sales and Marketing. Sounds very good.
By the way, if you haven’t listened to Pam’s Escape from Cubicle Nation podcasts, do. I’ve listened to her podcast on Stop Living Small six times – it’s that good.
[Full Disclosure: I really like Pam! I like her mission in life (freeing corporate wage slaves), her excellent writing and her overall approach to life as chronicled in her blog. That’s why I asked her to write the intro to my second book, Clear Blogging.]
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