Eric Sink has fired off another totally engaging, funny and thought provoking post over at his blog. His point this time: don’t fall into the trap of thinking your world is the world. It’s not. This goes double when it comes to doing market research for a possible micro-ISV product: just because you read blogs declaring the desktop dead, with RoR-powered video Web 2.0 “applications” are the only righteous thing worth creating, don’t make the mistake of thinking the rest of the world agrees.
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  1. Bob – good points. The trap of thinking that your world is the world is one everyone falls into coming and going. Just because a group of IT talented folks don’t see value in a product does not mean it does not have value to those outside of the micro-ISVN blogosphere. On JoS you see it all the time, people asking for input on their idea before they’ve even asked their target market for input and feeedback.

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