I just got an excellent example of why talking like a human being works so well for micro-ISVs.
Tinderbox is a personal content management assistant/outliner on steroids for Macs that is consistently is on the short list for thay kind of tool. Here’s what Mark Bernstein, the creator of Tinderbox, wrote in his intro to a book on the product:

Tinderbox is personal in another sense, as well; unlike most corporate software today, Tinderbox was designed and implemented by a person – not by a committee, a corporation, or a focus group. That person is me: Mark Bernstein. I designed Tinderbox, and wrote just about every line of the tens of thousands of lines that make Tinderbox run. Tinderbox is the product of an individual vision. It wasn’t written to meet requirements or specs or to adhere to business rules. Along the way, there have been thousands of decisions – engineering decisions, artistic decisions, operational decisions. In the end, I made the choices.

Unfortunately, I’m presently a Windows developer; I get Mark’s emails in the hopes that one day he’ll do a Windows version.
If he does, I know he will stay true to his vision of what his app should be.

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