[Ed. Note: while at ESWC’06 in Cambridge, U.K. in November, I got to know several people from Avangate, a ecommerce/electronic distribution company based in Europe. I asked them to put together their pitch to micro-ISVs, and here it is. Any other vendors interested in selling to micro-ISVs and willing to put the time in to tell us what exactly they have are welcome to contact me at bobw@safarisoftware.com]
Selling your software online with Avangate
By Delia Ene
Marketing Communications Manager / Avangate BV
OK, there are several eCommerce platforms specifically designed for software sales and software registration services out there. As usual, when there is a choice, you need to know how to choose between them.
This presentation is not a comparison between providers, but a brief presentation of Avangate, eCommerce platform & software registration provider. Avangate is headquartered in The Netherlands, and part of the GECAD Group of companies (the creator of RAV, Reliable Anti-Virus Technology).
Below you’ll find the main points of the Avangate eCommerce solution. There is also a special offer for microISVs.
Whos’ who – Avangate
eCommerce platform for electronic software distribution providing all the tools and expertise you need to:

  • Accept payments online
  • Optimize the online software sales and logistical process
  • Increase your website visibility on the Internet

Why choose Avangate?

eCommerce offer includes:

  • an easy to use and secure online payment system
  • additional marketing and sales tools, such as an affiliate management system, automated cross selling options


  • software marketing services plus consultancy on how to increase software sales via the internet.

Avangate’s eCommerce platform allows you to:

  • Start selling in 24 hours
  • Accept multiple payment methods
  • Customize your Ordering Interface
  • Multilanguage, multicurrency
  • Real time Order Delivery – Key/ Code and Software Delivery
  • Cross Selling & Promotions Management Tools
  • Affiliates Program
  • Merchant & Shopper Support
  • 3-D Secure Merchant & Shopper Protection
  • Sales Reports & Statistics

We won’t go here into the nitty-gritty. Detailed information on platform features can be found on the Avangate website. Essentially, all Avangate options are easy to integrate and deploy. Software vendors are able to just click and implement a new sales mix; add straightforward licensing management system, special promotions and online sales reports.
A point worth insisting on are the software marketing services. We support you with expert advice on how to sell software online by:

  • Increasing your site’s visibility in all major search engines.
  • Distributing your product among the top ranked download sites and software directories on the Internet.
  • Better structuring your website and content, making sure you clearly present the power and benefits of your products, convincing your visitors to download and try them.

Whether you require our usability audit or software submission service, our expertise will ultimately help increase your website exposure and your software sales. Ask for our free personalized web analysis and we’ll take an expert look at your site suggesting appropriate web marketing solutions to help improve your online business.
Detailed information on Avangate software marketing services: http://www.avangate.com/ecommerce-services/
As a plus, there is also myAvangate, a web-based reseller management system specifically designed for software sales. myAvangate is still a Release Candidate – your chance to test it for free. More info on http://www.avangate.com/reseller-management-software/
Avangate’s special offer for microISVs:
-> attractive commission (two schemes you can choose from: 4.9% +1.95 EUR/2.5 USD or 8% minimum charge 1.95 EUR/2.5 USD). Fees are clearly explained on the Avangate website (go to http://www.avangate.com/start-selling).
-> three months web marketing services worth 1000 USD (SEO audit, software submission, PPC management, according to your needs)*.
*)Special conditions apply: minimum one year contract with Avangate and online sales of minimum 1000 USD per month.
Interested? Contact us. We are here to help developers sell software better and safer online. Email info@avangate.com and mention ref no: MicroISV offer BW.
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