Having finally finished Clear Blogging (plug: available Feb. 7, recommended reading for micro-isv’s), I can start working on several stalled projects, including MyMicroISV.com. A year ago when Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality came out, I conceived of this site as a blog+resources site. The blog has worked out – mostly because of the many guest posters who’ve shared their knowledge and perspective here – but the plus part has not.
So my plan for making over MyMicroISV.com is to make it a blog + wiki, and have that wiki become the single best place new and experienced micro-isv’s can go for how to succeed information. Think of it as the FAQ of the micro-isv world. I’ve talked to 8 other micro-isv’s who’ve agreed to contribute “starter pages” on numerous subjects, but there’s two big questions in my mind still unanswered: what wiki platform to use and how to structure it so it grows as good wiki should?
As much as I enjoy MyMicroISV.com, I have other projects too, and that means I’ve got to have a wiki that needs the least amount of administering to and yet provides the best results. That makes me think a hosted solution would work best. Also, while I use Wikipedia every day, I think it’s ugly beyond words and wiki markup is geeky lame, especially as of 2007.
That said, the main contenders are MediaWiki and Wet Paint, with two other possibilities: Google Jotspot and Drupal. Wet Paint would be perfect if they simply let me pay for it instead of it being “free” with Google ads built in. Google Jotspot might be great – but Jotspot is in lock down since Oct. 31 when it was acquired by Google. Who knows when it will next see the light of day? Drupal I’ve heard from others can do just about anything – if you’re prepared to invest mega-hours.
So, what wiki platform would you suggest for MyMicroISV.com?
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  1. You might consider giving Social Text [http://www.socialtext.com/] a look. They provide hosted solutions or give you the option to download their code and host your wiki yourself. Best of luck getting everything up and running.

  2. bobw Reply

    Hey Josh – I will definitely have a look! Thanks for the tip.

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