By Bob Walsh
Here’s an example of how not to do a major update, brought to you by WinZip Computing.
First, email all of your customers there’s a critical security update to Winzip 10 on Tuesday. Watch as your customers jump through the critical security hoop, interupt what they were doing to download the update.
Next, like in the very next day, announce WinZip 11 – and see just how many of your customers are interested in yet another interruption of their day to download and install winZip again. Not.
Yes, I like WinZip, yes, I want to know about critical patches, yes, I’m interested in upgrades, but value my time over your internal dynamics or I’m gone as a customer.
Niko Mak, the micro-ISVer who created WinZip back in the days would never have made this mistake.

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