By Bob Walsh
Microsoft has just made available a free version of it’s new Microsoft Accounting 2007 package here. While not as full-featured as the Pro versions of Microsoft Accounting, MS Money (my favorite) or Quicken, the price – free – is right.
Why am I mentioning this? Because if you aren’t already doing the type of standard structured accounting every business needs to be in business, your micro-ISV is heading for trouble. [Nov. 1, ’06 Note: Petros points out the offer is for US residents only – I can only hope Microsoft is brighter than that!]


  1. Petros Amiridis Reply

    Hi Bob,
    Forgive me if it was obvious and I am just slow, but we should tell people that this offer is only for USA users.

  2. bobw Reply

    Petros – my mistake and thanks for pointing this out: I’ll amend the post too.

  3. John Senior Reply

    I’m not in the states and I was able to start the download just fine.

  4. John – I didn’t say I wasn’t able to download it… but if you try to register (which is required after a certain number of days) you will notice that the only country available in the registration form is USA and country is mandatory. Also, the state is mandatory. These two facts led me to believe MS targets US residents only. The truth is I didn’t try to fool the registration form into believing that I am a US resident (I live in Greece), but if it was an edition for international use I wouldn’t have to try fooling the registration form.

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