One dirty little secret when it comes to starting a micro-ISV: you had better have incredibly good Getting Things Done skills. You’re going to need to balance being the head programmer, chief marketing person, lead technical support, and half a dozen other roles in order to make your micro-ISV a success. This is not easy.
Fortunately, there’s is a new Getting Things Done resource out there from David Allen. It’s called GTD Connect, and it is a monthly subscription to Allen’s new GTD Connect site. For $48 a month, if you get access to a wealth of video podcast and text material you’ve never had before in the GTD world, tele-seminars, and more. There’s a write up I did yesterday of my initial impressions of GTD Connect when I signed up over at my other online life,
if you’re doing GTD, or going nuts because you have so many things to do and not enough time to do them, definitely give GTD Connect a look.
GTD Connect

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