The thing that amazes me over and over is how often another micro-ISV will deal with the same issue on my plate, and provide me free of charge with some excellent insight and a great helping of experience. Following up last week’s post on micro-ISV bloggers who, IMO, you should make time for if you want to succeed in this business is part 2.

  • The Price of EverythingMike Schoeffler’s runs Profitdesk, one of the few micro-ISVs with a banking product. Mike brings a studied determination to what he does, and his posts about the inner workings of Profitdesk are a gold mine for others who want to get some real structure into their micro-ISV. His latest post on how Profitdesk uses a wiki is at least for me must reading.
  • OnStartupsDhamesh Shah has been there and done that and come back for more. His experience as a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor and a micro-ISV make his posts very valuable. There’s also a good forum going there.
  • benjismith.netBenji Smith is working down from 30 micro-ISV possible products to one, and it’s a fascinating process to watch.
  • Planet MicroISV – Finally, Baruch Even runs a site aggregating various blogs and various news happenings of interest to Micro-ISV. There’s some duplication with this list and the one before, but Baruch also casts a wider net.

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