Whether you’re ready to take the Red Pill and start blogging about your micro-ISV, you should be diligently reading micro-ISV blogs. This business we’re in has got to rate a -10 on the human interaction scale: it helps to read what other people in the same virtual boat are doing.
Here’s four of micro-ISV blogs I now follow, and IMO you should have in your RSS reader, at least for now:

  • The Obligatory BlogGavin Bowman’s blog is a must read for any micro-ISV, especially his weekly MicroISV Digest Blog. Gavin has an uncanny eye for picking out posts, articles and news for his Digest that you can use. Thanks Gavin!
  • MicroISV on a Shoestring – This is a new blog by Patrick McKenzie on lessons learned as he starts his micro-ISV. Pat has a great writing style and as he deals with all the moving parts of this business (today was refunds), he’s providing a great perspective on what works and what doesn’t. Good reading if you’re already running; better reading if you are just realizing what you’ve got yourself into! 🙂
  • Bare Naked App – This is Ryan and Gil Carson (yes, of Carson Workshops and Vitamin) blogging all of the juicy details as they are going about building their second web app, Amigo. This stuff is priceless – you won’t find it in tech books, you won’t find it elsewhere; absolutely fantastic info I plan to steal every line read over intently. If you are going to build a web app as your micro-ISV’s offering. Read. This. Blog.
  • signum sine tinnitu – No, Guy Kawasaki is not a micro-ISV, he’s just one of the smartest persons in this entire business who runs a venture capital outfit now. You Mac fanatics? This is The Man who convinced skeptical developers to write for the Mac. No developers – No Mac and no Apple. He’s not rested on his laurels since then – his multiple good tech books, notably The Art of the Start are great reading.

I know, I know, you already have enough RSS feeds to choke a digital horse (I’ll have a few tips on that later today Thursday on my other blog). But these are some gems out there which only some very foolish or very unluckly will pass by without at least a glance.


  1. Wow, I read them all already. I might be fooled into thinking I know what I’m doing…
    Guy Kawasaki is a god. As are you Bob, I might add (in the mISV world anyway!)

  2. bobw Reply

    Andytoo – Don’t be fooled! You know what you’re doing, you just don’t know it yet! 🙂 Thanks for the kind words too. So who did I miss in my list of 4?

  3. Bob, well they maybe not specifically mISV-centric, but I’m also a fan of Carson McComas over at workhappy.net and Dharmesh Shah at onstartups.com. Some good stuff there…

  4. Hideho. Thanks for the mention and kind words. You might want to take a look at your “today was refunds” link — it appears to point to this page 🙂

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