I am now a happy camper.
For the past two weeks I’ve been going through a technical tumble-dry. My main laptop’s Windows XP got terminally sick, my dev PC went south at the exact same time and two new pcs arrived as I gear up for my next micro-ISV app.
Five PC’s sound like a micro-ISV’s toyland, right? Not when each one has a network issue that screwed nearly every attempt to get work done because either I could not get the right files and software on a box, or it could not get what I needed off another box! Circular PC recursion hell. The only box that would do what it should was Tina’s HP laptop.
Out of desparation last night I tried two things – I appealed to other Joel on Software people for help and sent an email off to the Microsoft Enpower contact email figuring maybe, just maybe I could put to use some of that 10 hours of Microsoft assistance that comes as part of the package.
Got a call from a Matt at 8:30 am sharp this morning, who connected me with a **tier 2** network support engineer (Santi) who spent the next 3 hours:
— Diagnosing the 3 different problems these 5 pcs had,
— Giving me a crash course on Networking.
This guy knew his stuff. Really, really well.
Takeaway: if you are a micro-ISV doing anything that can get you into the Microsoft Empower program, do it. You will get access to technical resources you can only dream of!

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