If you are a .NET developer and/or a micro-ISV I recommend you take a few minutes and have a look at Project Glidepath that went public today:
“The release of Windows Vista will create a new wave of demand for applications that MicroISVs supply. We at Microsoft know how many new features and APIs we have added to Windows Vista as well as we understand how challenging it is to start and keep a MicroISV business running. Project Glidepath is designed to provide the knowledge you, as a MicroISV, need to be successful by providing step-by-step instructions for everything from how to get started with Windows Presentation Foundation to how to write and publish a press release.” – from the intro.
Disclaimer: I’m involved with this project. That said, Microsoft – at the highest levels – wants to help build thousands of successful micro-ISVs, and whatever you’re feelings are about Microsoft, it is very worth your time to see what they now offer.


  1. I despair.
    Perhaps you could rename http://www.mymicrosisv.com to http://www.cool-appz.com
    You are asking us to use WPF, requiring a 30MB (??) distribution requiring heavy admin-level install, that may work on XP or on Vista (in 3 years once that OS has reached the mainstream).
    Sorry, but from a business/profit viewpoint, that is retarded. Why would I migrate to a technology that is HARDER for my customers to install and therefore use?
    If business/profit is not the aim of this website then please state this clearly on your homepage.

  2. bobw Reply

    James –
    1. WPF is baked into Vista – no download. And it will streamed to XP via Windows Update as a high prioirity (although not critical) update.
    2. If you are writing software for people still using Win98, well, that’s what you’re doing.
    3. I do not think the takeup on Vista will be 3 years. 18 months is more like it. Why? Because a company that makes a billion a month in profit has had 3 long years to ponder exactly how to get that adoption rate up.
    4. As for the purpose of this web site, see banner at top.

  3. Aspiring College Developer Reply

    Interesting site, however it does not seem very professional. The site design leaves much to be desired…iframes are a bad idea and something about the initial layout reeks of unprofessionalism.
    The idea itself seems pretty cool though.

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