By Bob Walsh
There’s a school of thought out there that only people unencumbered with families and mortgages and the like should start micro-ISVs. Paul Graham is best known for this, but there’s no denying how hard it is to put down a steady paycheck and pick up an entrepreneurial future.
Many is the time I’ve seen this question asked at Business of Software, but it wasn’t until today I found one single blog post that really explains in a few words what it takes to go from paycheck to startup over at Escape from Cubicle Nation.
Pamalia Slim’s, post last week – Is starting a business impossible when you are the sole income earner in your family? – is required reading for all the post-20s out there who want to start a micro-ISV but see that stack of bills on the table as the unbreakable reality. Must reading!

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  1. Try this one on for size: I’ve been working towards starting my uISV, reading books, researching niche’s, throwing out really bad ideas. And then I lost my job. So now I’m trying to swim while still looking for a new job.

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