Interesting! Although Word 12 (beta2) said it failed posting my test blog entry here, it obviously worked. Oh, the joys of wanting to use a cool software feature in a beta app! If you missed the news that Office 12 (Beta 2) is freely downloadable from Microsoft and can post directly to a bunch of blogging services including TypePad and your WordPress blog, see more in this post.
So instead of writing a post in Word 12, saving it as Filtered HTML, getting rid of the remaining MS tags in Notebook++ and un-line wrapping it, I just post from Word. Later this weekend I will probably go ahead and take the red pill by installing Office 12 on my main dev machine instead of just on my test machine. It dies Feb. 1, 2007, but the next beta official release should be out well before then.

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  1. Might want to look at the results of using MS Office to publish html on a non-Wiindows machine before getting too enamored with it. I find these posts almost unreadable on my Mac due to all the character encodings that get messed up.

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