By Bob Walsh
Google Calendar Beta launched a few hours ago ( :
Google Calendar Beta
This is going to change a hell of a lot of things:
Other People’s Schedules. In organizations with Microsoft Exchange, shared calendars take a lot of the scheduling pain away, replacing it with a feeling that everyone answers to the shared calendar. Good side: being able to schedule time with anyone, anywhere. Bad side: they will want to schedule with you.
Other Organization’s Schedules: Everyone from your local Starbucks to your fitness club will oneday be pumping out their schedules, schedules you cah subscribe to with one click, and select items with another. In just a few seconds I found an organization with some really interesting speakers. The network effect will be just too strong to ignore.
Your Time: Now that it is insanely easy to schedule things, how are you going to schedule time to do your work, let alone stay sane?

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  1. Thomas Rushton Reply

    Aaargh! Yet another way of trying to control my life…
    So far, my wife and I have:
    (1) Exchange / Outlook calendar at my work
    (2) Blackberry, fortunately syncing to (1)
    (3) Outlook calendar at her work
    (4) Her filofax
    (5) Another diary, for show bookings
    (6) The calendar on the kitchen wall, so that we have (allegedly) some chance of seeing what’s going on.
    (7) Oh, I’ve got a PocketPC and Palm thing somewhere, too…
    Needless to say, these all have different information in, and keeping them all up-to-date is impossible.
    And now, Google have brought out yet another place for us to keep date / scheduling information, which presumably doesn’t integrate with (1), (2), (3) above, and certainly won’t integrate with (4) & (5), with which we have enough problems… Just *how* is this meant to help us, Mr & Mrs Average?

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